Packing a self-storage unit can be tricky. Items like furniture and outdoor equipment have odd shapes, and packaged belongings come in boxes of different sizes. Fortunately, there are ways to make the transition go smoothly and ensure you will find everything when you need it. The experts at Parma Self Storage in northeastern Ohio understand the variety of possessions people store in units and offer advice for keeping everything arranged neatly.

4 Tips For Organizing a Self-Storage Unit

Label Every Box

To avoid having to sort through every box to locate a particular item, label each with its contents. You also can number your boxes and make a corresponding list of what’s inside. When you identify what’s in each container clearly, you won’t have to open it unnecessarily.

Keep Stuff off the Floor

Placing possessions on wooden pallets or shelving will make them easier to see. It also will limit the risk of damage and encourage air flow to reduce deterioration that might occur during long-term storage.

Dismantle Furniture When Possible

StorageFurniture takes up the most space in a self-storage unit, making it hard to fit everything inside in an organized fashion. The best solution is to take apart items that can be disassembled. Group all the individual parts, such as a tabletop and legs, and place the hardware in a plastic bag and tape it to the item.

Place Often-Used Belongings in Front

Don’t bury necessary items in the back of your self-storage unit. By keeping them near the front, you will limit the number of objects and boxes you must move to get to them, keeping everything tidy.

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