Tennis can be an overlooked sport, taking a backseat to football, basketball, and baseball. But powerhouse athletes like Serena Williams, Roger Federer, and Rafael Nadal show just how awesome tennis really is. It is a fun, challenging, and competitive sport to play, and that’s just the beginning of the benefits it offers. Below, a few of these benefits are discussed in more detail. 

Benefits of Playing Tennis Over Other Sports

1. You Can Socialize—or Not—When Playing Tennis

tennisPlaying tennis allows you ample opportunities for socialization. You can play against another individual, or you can pair with a partner and play against another duo. But it can also be a solitary sport for those who appreciate a little quiet time to practice their skills. With the help of an automated ball launcher or a wall, you can work on your swing and reap the rewards of calm and focused training.

2. You Can Play All Your Life

Many sports are so physically grueling that players only have a limited window of time to play them. After a certain point, the body can't take the intensity of things like football tackles and aggressive pitching. So, just a few years after starting these sports, the player must quit. With this sport, you can play well into advanced age. In fact, tennis is excellent cardiovascular exercise and can serve you well as you grow older.

3. You Can Take It With You

No matter where in the world life takes you, you can bring tennis along. Tennis has a presence in countries across the globe; it is by no means a sport reserved just for American play. There's a strong chance that whatever country you visit, tennis courts will be readily available for play or practice. You can also take in events around the globe. Popular international tournaments include the Australian Open, the French Open, and perhaps the most notable of all, Wimbledon.


Beavercreek Clay Courts Tennis Club offers tennis programs to the Beavercreek, OH, area. In addition to adult leagues, they have a wide range of junior league options, including boys' and girls' singles and doubles. They also teach tennis lessons to players of all ages and are open after school and on weekends. Call (937) 956-8864 or visit them online to sign up or to become a member.