Fire safety is crucial in any building, but large office buildings, warehouses, factories, schools, and hospitals need more than a fire extinguisher and smoke alarm. In fact, most structures that are not single-family homes employ fire sprinkler systems in addition to other fire safety equipment. But, most people do not fully understand how these work or why they are so important to have. To answer some of your questions, here are some necessary guidelines.

A Helpful Guide to Fire Sprinklers

How much does a fire sprinkler system cost?

Retrofitting a building to accommodate a sprinkler system is usually pricier than new fire sprinkler installations per square foot. However, don’t forget to take into account things like the type of system you are getting, the pipe material needed, and the general layout and hazards of your building. Keep in mind that many insurance companies offer discounts for buildings that use sprinkler systems and other fire safety equipment.

Why should I have a fire sprinkler system in my building?

According to a study, sprinkler systems reduce the average property damage and risk of death by 87% in buildings with a working system. The percentage of civilian deaths that have been reduced is even higher in just about every type of building and industry. This means that having a working sprinkler system, in addition to other fire safety equipment, saves lives and money.

How do fire sprinkler systems work?

fire safety equipmentMost fire sprinkler heads contain a small liquid filled bulb. This bulb acts as a plug that prevents the water in the system from getting out of the sprinkler. In the case of a fire, the extreme heat causes this liquid to expand quickly, eventually breaking the bulb and allowing water to flow freely to douse the flames. The liquid inside the bulbs comes in different colors that indicate the heat required for it to burst.

Can fire sprinklers be activated accidentally?

Because fire sprinklers are activated by heat, there is no fear of it going off due to smoke or dust in the air, as with other fire safety equipment. However, the bulbs are very fragile. Should they be tampered with in any way or accidentally get bumped by anything, they will most likely break and water will be allowed to fall into the room. The system will have to be shut down before the water stops flowing.


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