While any type of flower can help you express your feelings and affections, roses are often considered the most romantic option. And there's good reason for this, as these enduringly popular flowers have a rich history tied to mythology, literature, and different cultural influences. Here is a brief explanation of why roses are thought by many to be one of the quintessential symbols of love and romance.


Greek mythology is largely responsible for creating the romantic image of this flower. One myth tells of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, weeping over her wounded lover, Adonis. Roses sprang forth where her tears and Adonis's blood soaked into the ground.

In the third century CE, roses became a symbol of the Virgin Mary. While Mary is not a romantic figure, the flowers' association with her speaks to the care and dedication she embodies—and care and dedication are important parts of all kinds of love, including romantic love.

Various Eastern cultures have also embraced this flower as a symbol of romantic love. In Hinduism, Laxmi, the goddess of fortune and success, is said to have been made of rose petals. In an old Arabic legend, a nightingale falls in love with a white rose, the thorns of which pierce the bird as he embraces the flower. His blood turns the petals red. He dies for the flower, whose red color is considered a sign of his passion and devotion.


This flower continues to serve as a romantic staple. From Shakespeare's plays and sonnets to classic fairy tales to modern-day romances, roses often play a pivotal role, and function as an expression of deep romantic love. Even one of today's most popular reality dating programs involves giving roses to the contestants who will be moving on to the next round.

Given their place in popular culture, it's not surprising that sending these flowers instantly conveys your feelings. The recipient will feel loved, valued, and desired, as have countless people for thousands of years upon receiving a stunning bouquet.


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