Flowers are one of the most beautiful and vibrant gifts of nature. However, they don't last forever. Once they start to wilt and lose their charm, most of us toss them in the trash. But did you know that there are several creative ways to repurpose old flowers? Here are ten fun ideas to try: 

1. Make potpourri

Dried flowers can be used to make fragrant potpourri. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the mix for an extra burst of freshness. 

2. Create homemade soap

Add dried flowers to a melt-and-pour soap base to create beautiful and fragrant bars of soap. 

3. Make floral tea

Dried flowers can be used to make floral teas that are not only visually appealing but also packed with health benefits. 

4. Create floral artwork

Press old flowers between the pages of a heavy book and use them to create beautiful floral artwork. 

5. Make a floral wreath

Use old flowers to create a beautiful floral wreath for your front door or as a decoration for a special occasion. 

6. Create floral bath salts

Add dried flowers and Epsom salts to a jar for a relaxing and fragrant bath experience. 

7. Make floral ice cubes

Freeze small flowers in ice cubes to add a pop of color to your drinks. 

8. Create a floral crown

Use old flowers to create a beautiful floral crown for a special event or just for fun. 

9. Make a floral sachet

Fill small bags with dried flowers and place them in your drawers or closet for a fresh and fragrant scent. 

10. Create a floral centerpiece

Use old flowers to create a beautiful and unique centerpiece for your dining table or special event. 

These are just a few creative ways to repurpose old flowers. With a little imagination, you can come up with many more ideas. If you're not sure where to start when selecting a floral arrangement, give the professionals at Ivywood Florist a call today at (334) 347-7343. They can help you choose the perfect arrangement for any occasion, and they also offer delivery services to Enterprise, AL, and the surrounding areas. Don't let your old flowers go to waste – repurpose them and enjoy their beauty for even longer.