The spring season introduces a set of unique issues due to the surge of rain and moist conditions. While you may do your best to keep up with routine plumbing repairs, an especially large storm or buildup of frozen winter water can wreak havoc on your property and peace of mind. This year, get ahead of any potential plumbing disasters by familiarizing yourself with the most common threats and how they should be addressed. 

3 Spring-Specific Plumbing Issues You Should Be Aware Of

1. Flooding

When the ice and snow begin to melt, your property will be left holding a great deal of standing water. Without proper plumbing, it will lead to flooding on your property. Clean out any residual debris from your gutters and downspouts. If they are clogged with leaves and twigs, there is nowhere for the water to drain, putting you at risk of severe water damage.

2. Backups 

plumbingFew problems are as off-putting as a sink or tub that backs up and drains slowly. This can happen for a number of reasons, the most common being a severe clog. Avoid over-the-counter remedies, as they contain harsh chemicals that can deteriorate the pipes. If the plunger isn’t doing the job, call a plumber to clear the drain for you. 

3. Low Water Pressure

A shower with low water pressure releases H2O slowly, almost to the point of a slow drip. This is both uncomfortable and inconvenient; plus, it indicates a larger plumbing problem at hand. Diminished water pressure is common in spring, as pipes often freeze and burst during winter. The leaks will become apparent when the ice thaws. In this case, call a professional. If there is a leak present, early detection will allow your plumber to keep your repair costs to a minimum. 


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