Whether you need to fix an emergency leak or are due for routine drain cleaning, calling a plumbing professional is the best move. But as you explore professionals in your area, you might notice that some are plumbers, while others are defined as plumbing contractors. Although these terms may seem to be the same, there are a few distinctions that can determine which one is best for you. To help you get the right support, here’s a quick guide on these two service providers.

Plumbers Vs. Plumbing Contractors

When Should You Call a Plumber?

Plumbers are licensed professionals that have received the necessary training to maintain and repair plumbing systems. These providers typically take on standard issues that home and business owners face. Serving many clients in a local area every day, these professionals take on small or emergency jobs that require the use of specialized tools and techniques.  

plumberAny time you experience an issue with your property’s water or sanitation systems—such as a clogged toilet, poor water pressure, or a burst pipe—you should call a licensed plumber. You might also hire a plumber when you need routine care—such as drain cleaning or garbage disposal installation. Whatever the situation, these on-demand providers will be prepared to deliver fast and courteous service to restore the proper flow, improve functionality, and prevent water damage.  

When Should you Call a Contractor?

A plumbing contractor is familiar with the day-to-day practices of a plumber but tends to focus on long-term, complex projects—such as new construction and renovation. These providers typically manage teams of skilled individuals who are adept at planning and installing systems in a way that’s compliant with building codes.

You should consider hiring a contractor if your project involves construction planning, gas line connections, or yard line problems. It’s also necessary to hire these professionals when you need to get official inspections on plumbing systems within a building.  


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