As a national leader in door frame repair, Door Innovation in Brighton, MI is passionate about saving business owners both time and money. They accomplish this feat by teaching the public the ins and outs of these essential fixtures. To continue the trend, Door Innovation has begun a three-part series in which they answer frequently asked questions and resolve common problems relating to commercial door repair.  

In this first series, they’re tackling the ever-important topic of corroded metal door frames, starting with their source.   

The Question: What Is the Root Cause of Corroded Metal Door Frames?

corroded metal door frameIt’s a frequent occurrence for many business owners. You’re going about your routine when you notice that one of your exterior doors doesn’t operate like it used to. Upon further inspection, you find the lower end of the jamb is covered with rust. But why? Instinct might tell you the source is external to your property, with corrosion working its way in from the outside to the inside. However, the opposite is true.

The Answer: The Backside of the Jamb Is Damp

Exterior doors are in nearly constant contact with inclement weather and household chemicals such as cleaning solvents and de-icing salts. Over time, the moisture in these substances works its way into the frame, dampening the back of the frame. If the jamb remains wet for prolonged periods, either because of concrete slushing or abnormally humid conditions, the frame then rusts from the inside out.

door frame repairIf you see visible rust on your exterior door, you must remedy the issue before the whole fixture is compromised. You have three options here. First, you can remove and replace the entire frame system. While common, this project can become costly, especially if you have multiple corroded metal door frames. You could also superficially repair the jamb with a plastic body filler. However, filler is only a temporary fix.

Thus, Door Innovation advises business owners to utilize the third option: their patented jamb patch kits. This unique system allows you to eliminate rust as well as restore the door’s structural integrity, all without removing the rest of the frame.

Next time, Door Innovation will explain how corrosion can compromise not only the frame itself but also your budget, security, and energy efficiency. Until then, you can keep up with these door frame repair specialists via their website. If you have any additional questions about door frame repair, the causes of corroded metal door frames, or the jamb patch kits, call Door Innovation at (517) 518-8979 today.