So far in their three-part series, the Brighton, MI-based Door Innovation has established that moisture corrodes both aluminum and steel frames, thus posing multiple threats to your business. But when it comes to steel, these elite door frame repair specialists warn, an additional and often overlooked force further aggravates the corrosion process.  

The Question: How Does Concrete Slushing Compound the Dangers of Corroded Metal Door Frames?

When a commercial door frame is installed, contractors typically backfill or "slush" it with the same masonry mix used to cement the adjacent cinder blocks. This widespread technique is meant to secure the steel-based structure, adding security and structural integrity to your business’s entryways. Unfortunately, it also has adverse effects.

The Answer: It Traps Moisture

corroded metal door frameDry masonry mix is porous, meaning it contains tiny spaces through which liquid and air can pass. Steel, on the other hand, is nonporous. So, when water – either from cleaning solvents, de-icing salts, or precipitation – touches the door, it becomes trapped inside.

Gravity then pulls this moisture down through the masonry mix where it remains in direct contact with the steel jam for an extended period. As discussed in Series 1, Part 1, this prolonged exposure causes the bottom of the commercial door frame to rust, compromising the business’s efficiency, cleanliness, and structural integrity. If the frame’s edges are sharp, they can even cause personal injury.

While dangerous, corroded metal door frames are indeed repairable. All you need is one of Door Innovation’s patented jamb patch kits. Simply remove the rusted portion, install the provided jamb patch, fasten it to the existing frame, apply a plastic filler, paint the area to match, and voila! Your commercial door frame is secure, and you saved hundreds on frame replacement.

You might be wondering, wouldn’t it be easier to paint over the rust? Wouldn’t that stop it from corroding further? Door Innovation will tackle this common question in the next installment of this series. In the meantime, you can learn more about corroded metal door frames on their website. To order a jamb patch kit, call (517) 518-8979 today.