Concrete Contractor
5771 Concrete Way, Juneau, AK 99801


Whether you want a retaining wall built for your home’s garden or are the manager of a construction company and need asphalt for your next big project, working with an experienced contractor for materials is crucial. AGGPRO in Juneau, AK, is dedicated to providing companies and residents statewide with asphalt and other concrete products for a range of personal or commercial needs.

Each aggregate contractor is skilled and knowledgeable in the industry, which means they are able to quickly diagnose exactly which type of concrete mixes are needed for a specific design. Every concrete mix created is free of chemicals and fine materials that cause deterioration. Their team handles a variety of projects, from creating an asphalt mixture for road development to supplying crushed stone for a driveway.

They are also mindful of the environment and use natural resources for each project they complete. They utilize recycled materials to create the aggregate used for asphalt, concrete and gravel products on job sites.

For a concrete company that is devoted to providing environmentally friendly solutions that also are of the highest quality, contact AGGPRO. Call them today at (907) 780-6565 for more information.