Furniture pieces that are frequently used or neglected will look worn out or break over time, requiring furniture repair. Some people choose to take the DIY approach to repairs, which can sometimes cause further damage and devalue a rare piece. Before you fix or salvage broken furniture on your own, here’s why it’s better to call the professionals for help.

Why Should You Avoid DIY Repairs?

furniture repairWhen it comes to furniture, wear and tear are inevitable. Every piece in your home can have scratches, nicks, dents, discoloration, torn or faded upholstery, and broken parts, turning it into an eyesore instead of decorating the space. If you’re considering DIY furniture repair, it’s not likely to be as easy as you think. A tradesperson has years of experience, technical know-how, and the right tools to dismantle and reassemble the parts. For instance, reupholstering an old chair or couch involves removing the old fabric and stitching on a new one after replacing the filling. It may sound simple, but it can be difficult for someone who is untrained.

Most home repairs don’t last, and it’s because they’re not done correctly. When doing fixes on your own, you’re likely to overlook something or perform a misstep that alters end-results. For example, incorrectly applying varnish to wood furniture can lead to bubbling or uneven layers that discolor the surface. Incorrect measurements and technical specifications can have disastrous and costly results.

Since it will take a professional to fix errors resulting from DIY repair, you’re bound to spend more. Some mistakes are harder to remedy, especially if they’ve already caused extensive damage to the furniture’s structure. This can be devastating if the piece is an antique or family heirloom piece.

How Do You Choose the Right Contractor? 

Before hiring a furniture repair company, know that some have their respective specializations. Some may be more skillful in reupholstering than refinishing, so do your research first. Get at least three different quotes to compare rates and services. Keep in mind that the lowest estimate isn’t always the best choice as they might be cutting corners to bring down costs. Verify their credentials, references, and past work, and don’t forget to check for customer feedback and reviews online as well. 


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