Working with children in a medical environment offers many rewards and challenges. As a pediatric nurse, it’s your responsibility to provide care to young patients and openly communicate with parents. While this balancing act may prove difficult at times, the professionals at J&D Ultracare in Suffern, NY, are here to share some advice to help you improve. 

How to Improve as a Pediatric Nurse

1. Practice Improvisation

pediatric nursePracticing your improvisation skills will help prevent certain situations from taking a downward spiral. For example, if you’re drawing blood from a child and you see them getting ready to cry, it’s important that you can assess the situation quickly and act accordingly — whether it’s by making jokes or responding in a soothing voice.

2. Don’t Talk Down to Them

Using a high or sing-song voice is the same as talking down to a child and will make them uncomfortable. Instead, you should squat down so you’re physically at their level, look them in the eye, and speak in a calm but realistic manner. Using their name is more personal and will make them feel at ease.

3. Build a Relationship

Developing a relationship with your patients will help them grow more comfortable over time. You can do this by asking questions, whether it’s about their day or the movies and shows they like. And, when they answer and talk to you, listen to them.

Building better relationships with your clients is the key to excelling in this industry. If you’re a pediatric nurse searching for new job opportunities, contact one of the representatives at J&D Ultracare in Suffern, NY. Following recruitment, the leading home health care agency offers support and training, so you can continue to hone your skills. Contact them today at (845) 357-4500 or visit their website for more information about their openings.