When a child has a chronic medical condition, providing the necessary level of care can be daunting for parents.  Hiring a pediatric nurse can be extremely useful in this case, as trained caregiving professionals can help you with dressing and bathing, meal prep, and administering medications. Because your child may be reluctant to accept pediatric home care at first, it’s essential to know how to convince them it’s for the best.

Tips to Improve Your Child’s Comfort With a Pediatric Nurse

Say It’s Doctor-Recommended

If your child spends a great deal of time in hospitals or clinics, he or she probably looks to doctors as authority figures. By saying your new helper is doctor-recommended, your child may feel more at ease about the prospect, which will make for a smoother transition towards in-home health care.

Tell Your Child It’s Only Temporary

pediatric nurseSome kids with chronic health conditions can have days where care is needed continuously. However, during other times you may be able to see to your child’s needs on your own. If this is the case in your household, tell your child that in-home care is only temporary.

Start Small

You can also introduce your child to the concept of in-home care gradually by having a nurse help out only a few hours a day at first. This will allow your child to get to know the person before they’re a fixture in your home, which will facilitate a stronger bond. 

Explain That You Need Help

You can also frame your decision as being helpful for you. Being a parent is hard under the best of circumstances, but when your child is ill, every day can seem like an uphill battle. Explain to your child that you need assistance for yourself and that having help will only make life better for the whole family.


If you’re searching for a pediatric nurse in Suffern, NY, and aren’t sure where to turn, J&D Ultracare can match you and your child with a highly trained and compassionate individual. If you’d like more information on how to arrange for a children's nurse in your home, call (845) 357-4500 today. If you are a nurse who’s interested in providing in-home care with the rest of our team, check out the current job listings online.