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Audio/Video Custom Design & Installation

Tired of having separate systems to work your music, video, lights, climate, and security? Talk with the experts at Alamo Electronics to see how you can set up smart home technology to control all of your electronics from a single smartphone, tablet, keypad, or touch panel.

Whether you want to add a home theater or are looking to set up automation for easy access and control of your electronics, this experienced team can help! They also work with commercial businesses for audio, security, and lighting systems that will allow you to create memorable experiences for guests or gain added functionality in your business’s conference room.

They use only the top name brands in consumer electronics, so you can rest assured you’ll receive quality products for your home or business. Their team will go over all the details with you to create an easy-to-use solution that suits your individualized needs.

The company takes a collaborative approach with their customers, working together to find the option that best fits your needs. Their extensive knowledge allows them to work on a variety of projects, from new construction and lighting installations to home automation and adding a home theater. But service doesn’t end when the job is completed. Alamo Electronics provides maintenance and support services to keep your electronic systems running properly and maximize performance.

Call Alamo Electronics at (513) 791-2300 or contact them online to schedule a consultation for your upcoming residential or commercial project. No matter what your project may be, this team has you covered.


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"I had been lusting for a 77” LG OLED Gallery Mount TV for a number of years, so when we decided to sell our home and move to a condo, I decided the time was right. My plan was to get the best deal I could find on the internet and then install the unit myself. As I began to study the schematics for the install, I realized that I could probably benefit from some professional help. So I asked my architect who I might contact for some help on the install and he suggested Alamo. I had done some minor business with Alamo in the past, so I was comfortable approaching them for help. In discussing my situation with Shawn at Alamo, I learned that their pricing was comparable to what I could find online, so I elected to buy the set from them and to have them install it. I am so glad I did. First, they were able to help me completely re-wire my unit for both coax and Ethernet. I wanted this place to be technologically advanced, so I wanted the option of wired as well as wireless. Second, they were able to gauge the strength of my wireless signal throughout the unit and made suggestions regarding the location and number of my access points. Since I’m running Roku on all of my televisions except the LG, signal strength was paramount. They even helped me locate and install a cooling system for the AV cabinet I was having made so my equipment would not overheat. Perhaps their greatest help was the way they managed the situation when the first LG arrived with a defective panel. They simply ordered a new one and when it arrived swapped it for the defective one. That involved uninstalling the first panel and reinstalling the new one, as well as returning the former panel to the manufacturer. This is something I would have had to do myself if I had simply purchased the unit online. The icing on the cake came when LG sent me a survey and announced that my TV was on sale for a couple hundred dollars less than I had paid. More out of remorse than anything else, I forwarded the notice to Shawn not thinking that anything would come of it. He immediately called and said that because we were within 30 days of the installation on the second unit, he could get me a refund. Now that’s what I would call service. So for those of you who are simply interested in the lowest price, I would urge you to think twice and give Alamo a chance. They more than earned their keep and their technicians were knowledgeable and a treat to work with."... more
- Rick Robertson [Google My Business, June 29, 2021]