When you receive a cancer diagnosis, it’s important to understand all of your options to stay comfortable as your symptoms progress. Hiring a home health provider to assist with cancer care simplifies the lives of patients and their families. There are several services aides provide, including the following.

What a Home Aide Does for Cancer Patients

1. Nursing

This covers all of your basic medical needs. A home nurse administers medications, helps you manage symptoms, monitors your vitals, and communicates with your doctors about developments in your condition. They may also teach you or your family members to address some of your needs, such as caring for a port or ostomy bag.

2. Social Work

Cancer CareA cancer care provider also addresses your emotional, social, and financial needs to improve your quality of life. They offer emotional support and put your loved ones in touch with community resources. They also advocate for you to help you secure long-term assistance through government programs.

3. Home Infusion Therapy

If you receive chemotherapy or other IV treatments, you may not need to go to a medical provider for every session. A trained nurse can administer IV treatments at home. This cuts down on the stress and expense of travel and allows you to receive cancer care in a more comfortable and familiar environment. These services are available for antibiotics, hydration, parenteral nutrition, and pain medication, so discuss these options with your doctor.


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