You never stop loving or missing a family member, partner, or friend who has passed, but you must allow yourself to heal. Mourning helps you work through your feelings and learn to live again after a painful loss. If you recently lost a loved one, rely on bereavement services for grief support. Here are a few ways sessions may help you during this difficult time.

What Bereavement Services Do for Families

1. Provide an Outlet for Grief

Grief support gives you a nonjudgmental space for talking about all aspects related to loss. 

Talking through the mourning process often helps relieve feelings of sadness, anger, denial, and confusion. This may prevent destructive behaviors, including excessive drinking, as a way to cope. Experienced counselors provide unconditional support and tools for coping in a healthy way, such as volunteering and exercising.

2. Curb Loneliness

bereavement servicesMany people feel alone after loved ones pass away, even if they have family members and friends nearby. Bereavement services can ease feelings of loneliness because you get to discuss painful feelings, including those concerning abandonment.

Grief support also guarantees contact with others, which can be helpful if other loved ones aren’t available.

3. Create Lasting Bonds

Talking to people going through similar situations provides common ground that can result in lifelong friendships.

The bonding that occurs during grief support sessions shows you that others experience the same feelings, helping validate your emotions. While sharing stories and offering tips to move forward, you may find yourself relying on others and supporting them as well.

If bereavement services are right for you, contact Lifetime Care. Serving the Finger Lakes region through locations in Rochester, Newark, Dundee, Auburn, and Lakeville, NY, this agency has provided care since 1960. They host wellness classes and support groups for anyone who deals with grief, regardless of whether they've had prior contact with their practice. Call (585) 214-1000 to discuss your needs or learn more about their grief resources online