Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition that affects the nerves in the spinal cord and brain. Patients are commonly diagnosed in their 30s or later. If a loved one has recently discovered they have MS, palliative care is an option that may be beneficial to your family. The guide below explores how it provides support to everyone affected.

How Does MS Impact Patients?

Nerve damage caused by MS often results in fatigue, difficulty with balance, vision problems, bladder and bowel problems, difficulty with speech and swallowing, memory or cognition changes, and tremors. In the advanced stages, people experience many of these symptoms at the same time.

The progressive loss of these functions means that those affected rely heavily on others for daily tasks, including cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Since there is no cure for MS, people need constant care and companionship to stay comfortable at the late stages of the disease.

How Does Palliative Care Help?

rochester palliative careA life-changing condition like multiple sclerosis requires both emotional and physical treatment. Palliative care is a well-rounded approach that focuses on increasing quality of life in addition to meeting the patient’s physical needs.

Caretakers help families deal with the emotional impacts of the condition. For example, they may help patients come to terms with the loss of independence and depression they may experience due to the required changes in lifestyle. Enlisting assistance from the beginning helps families understand the condition and know what to expect. As symptoms progress, palliative care can transition into hospice care to keep patients comfortable in the late stages.



If someone in your family has multiple sclerosis, Lifetime Care offers palliative care in New York’s Finger Lakes region. Their comprehensive services are customized to meet your family’s needs, providing both physical and emotional support. Their attentive caretakers help with activities of daily living, infusion therapy, and occupational therapy. Learn more about their palliative services online, and call (585) 214-1000 to find a home aide.