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About Experimax Canton OH

Your local Apple® Experts

Looking for an Apple device expert in your area? Experimax Canton OH, is your leading expert in all things Apple®. Proudly Serving Canton and Massillon, Experimax Canton OH lets you conveniently buy, sell, and trade used Apple products.

As the area's leader in repairs, you can rest assured that Experimax Canton OH can address any unexpected error or malfunction in your device. If your iMac®, iPad®, iPhone® or MacBook® product isn’t working properly, their technicians will check for a variety of causes, including water damage, drive failure, and port malfunctions, among others. If problems are found, they also offer repair services for virtually any of your Apple® brand products including but not limited to screen repair, speaker repair, battery repair and replacement, glass replacement, liquid cleaning, and microphone or camera repair.

If you are looking to buy a pre-owned product, Experimax Canton OH stands by the devices they put up for re-sale. All used Apple® products placed and sold at Experimax Canton OH must first undergo an evaluation and certification process where the device is inspected and fully tested. Only those that pass the meticulous inspection are deemed to be in a well enough condition to sell in the store. Refurbished products they sell include iPhones®, iPads®, Mac® computers and laptops, smart watches, and accessories.

In addition to their repair services and a large selection of used Apple® products available for sale, Experimax Canton OH offers system upgrades to any Apple brand device that may require it. All repairs, sales, and upgrades include a Limited Warranty so customers can be confident that they are receiving a good deal on all their services. To find out more about the products they service and sell, call one of their knowledgeable technicians at (330) 409-7005, or visit them on their website.