While puddles of standing water in your basement are a clear indication of problems, there are other signs that may not be as blaring. That’s why contractors who specialize in mediating flooded basements and instituting flooding prevention measures often encourage clients to inspect this space regularly. Review this list and consider basement waterproofing sooner rather than later if you’re encountering any of these issues.

Top 4 Signs It’s Time to Schedule Basement Waterproofing

1. Mold

Basement WaterproofingBasements tend to be dark. This atmosphere, coupled with high humidity and the presence of water, can result in mold growth that can negatively impact your health and the structural integrity of your home. If you see mold of any color in your basement, call a waterproofing contractor right away.

2. Foundation Cracks or Honeycombing

While a hairline crack in the concrete may seem harmless at first, especially if it isn’t accompanied by standing water or stains, the situation will deteriorate further eventually and negatively impact your foundation. By embracing basement waterproofing, you’ll avoid costly structural issues, and you’ll prevent water from entering your home.

3. Water Stains

Whether you have a finished or unfinished basement, the walls should remain clean and dry. If you notice water stains on the ceiling or walls, this could indicate water intrusion from outdoors that must be tended to.

4. Foul Smells

Yes, your basement is underground, but that doesn’t mean it should have an overpowering smell! When walking into your basement, is the scent extremely noticeable? Does it smell musty, damp, and a little bit like sewage or dirty water? This could be your first sign of a leak and an indicator that it’s time to take waterproofing action.


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