Wasps are among the most common stinging insects you might notice in the vicinity of your home. If you ever observe them building nests or flying around your property, you may wonder how to prevent issues and protect your residence. Below, you'll learn more about wasps and what pest control professionals recommend doing if you ever notice an infestation.

What are Common Types?

Wasps are typically divided into two categories--beneficial and predatory. Beneficial species, such as braconids, have narrow, black bodies with an orange coloration on the abdomen. They feast on common garden pests, such as aphids and mealybugs, which can keep foliage healthy. Predatory types, on the other hand, include the paper wasp, which is brown with yellow or red markings. These insects are considered predatory because they are more likely to sting humans.

Where Do They Build Nests?

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Some wasps, such as mud daubers, build nests below ground or in bushes and trees. Others, including paper wasps, typically construct colones in attics, beneath roof eaves, and on the undersides of porches and decks. They start by taking wood fibers taken from trees, logs, and fences, using saliva to break the sound of these materials until they form a soft pulp. They form the pulp into a series of hexagonal cells, using mud to reinforce the cells and make their nests sturdy. 

Are Wasps Dangerous?

Wasps are considered hazardous to humans because, if provoked, they can become aggressive and sting. These insects are territorial and may swarm anyone who gets too close or disturbs their nests. Then they sting, they inject venom beneath the skin, which can cause pain, burning, and swelling in affected areas. In some cases, severe allergic reactions may occur, requiring emergency medical treatment. Additionally, wasps have the ability to use their stingers more than once, which can increase the potential for injuries. 

How Can I Eliminate Them?

Getting rid of wasps means removing their nests. However, since approaching hives and colonies might cause these insects to attack en masse, a pest control company should take care of removal. These professionals can use a powerful repellent, sprayed from several feet away, to paralyze the wasps. Next, they'll knock down the nests and take them away from your property, ensuring wasps don't return. 

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