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Your Source of Guaranteed Pest Removal

Do you have unwanted pests lurking inside your home? The dependable team from Extermination Services, Inc. in Port Orchard, WA, will come to your rescue. They provide complete extermination services for residential and commercial customers and stay up to date on the latest technology and equipment. 

Whether you discovered unwanted insects or other pesky creatures, their expert exterminators will employ whatever means necessary to entirely rid your home or business of termites, ants, bees, rodents, cockroaches, and any other uninvited guests you may have. As licensed exterminators, they will work to ensure that pests are not only vacated from your home, but that preventative measures are taken to reduce chances of a future infestation.

The highly-qualified exterminators at Extermination Services, Inc. use only low-toxicity products. These products can then be deployed into a homeowner’s attic, wall void, crawl space, and exterior foundation to combat pests who’ve taken up residence on your property.

Dedicated to their customers, they offer several additional services to put homeowners at ease knowing their home is always protected. These services include ongoing bi-monthly preventive treatments, annual wall void injections, and annual crawl space treatments. Paired with a 90-day warranty for pests, and a 60-day warranty for rodents, there’s no better choice for top-quality pest removal and rodent control than Extermination Services, Inc.

Their team is proud to provide their first-rate services to the Orchard, WA, area. If you have questions about their services or would like to talk to one of their specialists, please call their office at (360) 895-1890. You can also reach out to them through their website.


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