Your motorcycle tires are vital to your safety every time you ride. Not only do they provide a foundation for the bike; they grip the road, allowing you to brake and turn. Their condition directly affects the degree of control you have over your motorcycle. To maximize this control and your safety on the road, apply these five tips. 

How to Keep Your Motorcycle Tires in Proper Shape

1. Inspect Every Time

Every time you get ready to ride, take a minute to examine your front and back motorcycle tires. Check for obvious flats. At the same time, look for any debris like pebbles wedged in the treads that might damage the tires when you take off.

2. Check Pressure

Motorcycle-TiresYour motorcycle tires can lose about one PSI (pounds per square inch) of pressure each week. This loss in pressure will become noticeable if you ride without refilling them for a month. Check every two to three weeks using a pressure gauge. Also keep an eye out for any visible signs they've lost pressure — for instance, if your rims sit low to the ground.

3. Monitor the Tread

Your motorcycle tires have wear bars that indicate when the tread is too worn down. You can also check how close you are by sticking a quarter between the treads. If the treads aren’t deep enough to cover the top of George Washington's head, you aren’t getting enough traction on the road.

4. Break Them In

New tires with no tread wear will handle differently than tires that have been broken in. Ride with extra caution for about the first 100 miles on your new tires, since the bike will feel unfamiliar.

5. Drive on the Correct Section of the Road

When you ride, keep your motorcycle in the tracks left by cars on the road. Don't ride in the middle of the lane. You're more likely to encounter debris that can damage your tires in the center.



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