Understanding the differences between all-season and winter styles will help you determine which option is best for your vehicle when looking for new tires. If you live in a climate that experiences snowy and icy conditions all winter long, tires designed for these conditions will perform better and keep you safe on the road. Learn more about your options before you visit a shop for a new set.

Comparing New Tires for Winter or All Seasons

1. Tread Rubber & Patterns

Winter and all-season tires are built with different materials for optimal performance. During cold, snowy, and icy conditions, all-season styles stiffen, which means they offer less traction. Winter tires, on the other hand, are more flexible in the cold, which means their traction is better.

Additionally, you’ll notice that the tread pattern varies on these two options. Specifically, winter tires feature a deeper tread than all-season styles. This deep tread also improves traction and minimizes the amount of snow that accumulates on the tire. As a result, vehicles with winter styles stop more easily in the snow. 

2. Biting Edges

new tiresBiting edges are zig-zagged grooves, or sipes, in the tread, a feature that only winter tires have. These grooves better grip snowy or icy roadways, thus reducing the risk of slipping or losing control. So if you’re looking for an option with plenty of traction, winter tires are the best option.

3. Cost

Winter tires typically cost more than their all-season counterparts because they provide better traction and they’re composed of thicker material. However, by using two sets of tires throughout the year, you will extend the life of both sets. Since you may use the winter styles for only a few months every year, you will enjoy many years of use with just one set since they aren’t on your vehicle year-round. Switching your tires come spring is crucial because winter styles don’t perform well on warm roads.


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