Cleaning products should be a healthy addition to your home or office space. They should sanitize and leave the room grime- and bacteria-free. Unfortunately, if you use the wrong type of building cleaning product, they might be doing more harm than good. Here’s what you should know about the effect that toxic building cleaning chemicals have on your health and how you can maintain a healthier environment.

What Are the Dangers of Toxic Chemicals?

While strong chemicals in some building cleaning products will effectively kill the bacteria in your space, the chemicals will linger long after you’ve finished cleaning. Breathing those chemicals day after day is detrimental to your health. In fact, there’s a clear correlation between using toxic cleaning products and the risk of developing lung problems. For this reason, it’s best to avoid using chemical cleaners as much as possible.

What Should You Look For Instead?

building cleaningTo protect your health and create a more enjoyable environment, look for green cleaning products. These natural products use plant-based materials, such as pure essential oils and biodegradable ingredients. The result is an effective clean with a more natural smell and easy breathing. Check the list of ingredients to avoid bleach or ammonia; if you do have to use them, make sure to keep the windows open, so there’s plenty of air circulation in the room.


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