No one enjoys having their view obscured by a foggy window. This is a common issue that can affect homes anywhere. If your windows constantly look hazy, this guide will help you determine where the fog is coming from and offer solutions for preventing it. 

What Causes Foggy Windows? 

This issue can occur in three places: on the exterior of the glass, the interior of the glass, or between the panes on double-paned windows. If the temperature inside your house is cooler than outside, fog may show up on the interior of your glass. This is due to the material cooling down as it's exposed to air from your AC. This is especially noticeable if you have high indoor humidity levels.


In opposite conditions, where the inside temperature is warmer than outside, you'll end up with moisture on the exterior of your windows. This is due to the same phenomenon above where condensation naturally finds the coolest spot to collect. 

Moisture collecting between two panes of glass is abnormal. This can indicate that there's a problem with your insulation, so it's wise to have a professional look at this particular foggy window issue. 

Finally, old windows may take on a permanently hazy appearance because of age and sun exposure. On average, windows last between 15 and 20 years, so it may be time for a replacement if your windows are past this limit. 

What Are Some Prevention Tips?

Foggy windows are common, and they're not always cause for alarm. Exterior condensation can't be prevented unless you lower the indoor temperature, and condensation between panes may require professional input to see if there's an insulation problem. There are some simple steps you can take to prevent interior condensation, though.

You can reduce humidity in your home by increasing ventilation. Even opening your windows to let in outside air will temporarily resolve the issue. Beyond that, make sure that appliances, such as dryers and burners, vent to the outside since they produce moisture that lingers in indoor spaces. 

Use fans or vents in your kitchen and bathroom while cooking or showering to further reduce humidity. Finally, look into getting a dehumidifier if your space still feels wet and sticky. Dehumidifiers suck moisture from the air, so you're less likely to end up with foggy interior windows. 


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