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Lisa's Nail & Hair Salon

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3771 Ross Clark Cir, Dothan, AL 36303

About Lisa's Nail & Hair Salon

People from throughout the Wiregrass area know they can count on Lisa's Nail & Hair Salon and Regal Nails for professional treatments that are provided at affordable prices.

Are you unhappy with your current look? Or, perhaps you always leave your hair salon wanting more. If this sounds like you, then stop into Lisa's Nail & Hair Salon. Located in Dothan, AL, they have been adding beauty to the community for more than 20 years. They offer a variety of beauty solutions from hair makeovers to skin treatments, nail services and more.

What sets Lisa's Nail & Hair Salon apart as a quality hair salon is their atmosphere and dedication to the satisfaction of their clients. From the time you enter the salon to the time you walk out, their experienced stylist will make you feel like royalty with their pampering services.  

With two conveniently placed locations in Dothan, and their comfortable ambiance and approachable demeanor, it’s no wonder they have gained a significant customer backing throughout the community. If you’re sick of ordinary salons that have you leaving wanting more look to Lisa's Nail & Hair Salon for an unforgettable experience. Call (334) 792-6476 to set up your appointment or visit their website


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(3 reviews)