If your internet connection seems slow or unstable, you need to troubleshoot the system. During these situations, you have two options: restarting the router or resetting it. Below, the internet providers at Delhi Telephone Company in Delhi, NY, explain how to decide on the next steps.

Restarting the Router

Internet ProviderMost internet users have multiple devices connected to their Wi-Fi, including smartphones, gaming systems, smart TVs, home security systems, e-readers, and more. Every device increases the demand on the network, which can cause slower router speeds and drain the device’s memory. Restarting the router will remove any data that could delay the router, which will help it perform optimally again.

To restart your router, unplug the device and wait 15 seconds. Then, plug the router back into a power outlet and wait for the device to refresh it.

Resetting the Router

If you can’t remember the router password and need to connect new devices to the Wi-Fi, your best option will be to reset the router. This will restore the device’s factory settings, and your password will reset to the default. You might also need to reset your router if you want to reconfigure the system to optimize your settings.

To reset the router, hold the “Reset” button for 10 seconds while the device is powered on. Next, you’ll need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting up a new router.

When Do You Need a New Router?

Internet service providers can send signals at speeds of 900 Mbps, and new routers can support up to 20 devices. If you have an outdated router, it may only be capable of processing speeds of 100 Mbps, so it’s going to run slowly and provide inadequate performance in households or offices with multiple devices.

The router used will determine how your internet service performs. Let the experts at Delhi Telephone Company get you squared away with the proper equipment and tech support to enjoy the high-speed internet. The trusted Delaware County Wi-Fi providers offer TV and internet bundles to provide the superior services you need for business operations and home entertainment. To speak with a member of their team, call (845) 416-6936, or visit the website for more information.