When it comes to teeth cleaning, many kids are reluctant to brush and floss at home. It’s up to parents to encourage their kids to make healthy decisions by ensuring that dental care is fun. The following apps can be useful for enticing children to care for their teeth properly.

A Guide to Apps That Make Teeth Cleaning Fun for Kids

1. Chomper Chums®

Chomper Chums®, which is available for both Androids® and iPhones®, turns dental care into a fun game for kids. Players receive coins every time they brush or floss, which are then used to buy food for a pet in the game. The app also teaches kids the importance of a healthy diet, since feeding their virtual pets healthier foods makes them stronger as the game progresses.

2. BrushyTime 

teeth cleaning Headland, ALIt’s challenging for many kids to brush for the entire two minutes that is recommended by dentists. The BrushyTime app overcomes this issue by providing different types of timers, one for brushing the teeth and one for rinsing. As the timer is counting down, kids will receive encouragement from a character in the app until their brushing session is complete. BrushyTime is available for iPhones® only.

3. Brush DJ 

Brush DJ, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store® as well as the Google® Play store, is great for older kids struggling to brush their teeth for the correct amount of time. They can sync their Apple Music®, Spotify®, or Google® music libraries with the app. Brush DJ allows them to select music that is then played for two minutes so that they know precisely how long they should be brushing for. It also offers other helpful features, including in-app reminders for dentist appointments and instructional flossing videos. 


While modern technology can improve at-home dental care for you and your family, having a trusted dentist is also a must. In Headland, AL, Stanley R. McCardle DMD | Family Dentistry offers essential oral hygiene services to patients of all ages. Along with teeth cleaning and exams, this dental clinic also provides treatment of gum disease, sealants, and fluoride treatments. During the visit, your child’s dentist will emphasize the importance of brushing and flossing, as well as provide helpful oral care tips. Schedule an initial appointment for you or a loved one by calling (334) 693-2112 today. You can also visit their website for more great dental care tips.