People who use wheelchairs, walkers, and other assistive devices have the right to accessibility features that allow them to enter businesses safely and conveniently. To ensure you accommodate these patrons, it’s important to provide handicap doors that satisfy guidelines from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Here’s a brief guide to ADA compliance for commercial doors.

A Guide to Handicap Doors for Businesses

1. Ensure Proper Size

Businesses must have at least one ADA-compliant entrance to the facility, as well as accessibility to key points within the building, such as offices or conference rooms. As of 1992, at least 60% of public entrances must be accessible. To accommodate people with assistive devices, doors should be at least 32 inches wide. Make sure thresholds aren’t more than ½ inch high to eliminate trip hazards and promote easy navigation with walkers and wheelchairs. Thresholds that are more than ¼ inch high must be beveled. 

2. Use Accessible Hardware

handicap doors

There are many hardware options available to outfit your handicap doors. While automatic doors provide the easiest entry, lever-operated doors or U-shaped handles can also be installed in areas where automatic entry isn’t practical. This hardware is easier for people in wheelchairs and walkers to maneuver since it doesn’t call for twisting. If possible, however, consider installing a hands-free system, such as a button door opener or a sensor.   

3. Be Mindful of Closing Speed 

No matter which type of handicap door you install, be sure to give patrons ample time to enter and exit. People with wheelchairs and walkers may need a few extra seconds. For this reason, doors with automatic closers should take at least five seconds to move from an open position (90 degrees) to being within 12 degrees of the latch. 


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