Revolving doors reduce wasted energy and help conserve space, but they do have more moving parts than other entryways. Worn-out components and breakdowns make your business difficult to access and drive up energy bills, so preventative maintenance is essential for any business with revolving doors.Here are a few tips for keeping your doors turning smoothly.

How to Maintain Your Revolving Doors

1. Check the Doors Daily

Most modern revolving doors use sensors and motors to automatically turn the doors when someone approaches. Every day, walk through each of the doors in your facility to ensure they rotate smoothly. As you go through the doors, listen for grinding or other strange noises, and check the weatherstripping along the bottom for signs of damage. Sweeping the area around the door will also keep dirt and debris from scraping away the weatherproofing.

2. Replace Worn-Out Weatherstripping

revolving door

The weatherstripping along the bottom of the door keeps rain out of your business location and prevents air leaks. Over time, the constant friction of the door moving will wear down even the most robust weatherstripping. At least once per year, have your weatherstripping replaced by a professional. Not only will this keep your door rotating smoothly, it will also help keep your business location cleaner and more comfortable.

3. Schedule Annual Inspections

Revolving doors use a complex network of sensors and mechanical components which must be serviced by a professional. Even if your door seems to be working perfectly, scheduling an annual inspection can prevent unexpected breakdowns and reduce future maintenance costs. During an inspection, your technician will clean the motors and mechanisms responsible for rotating the door. They’ll also check the speed controls and look for signs of wear that could indicate a potential equipment failure.


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