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About Fulcher Law Firm

There’s nothing easy about seeking legal advice for family issues. With over 18 years’ experience, Fulcher Law Firm aims to help residents of Stanly County, NC, with difficult matters such as domestic violence, divorce, and alimony. Attorneys at the Fulcher Law work relentlessly — day and night, weekday and weekend — to bring their clients the representation and justice they need to continue with their lives.

Anything from a speeding ticket to a criminal law domestic violence case can disrupt personal and family life — which is why a Fulcher attorney will help you with anything. Their expertise will guide you through the settlement of personal injury cases, the stress of a loved one or child facing time in court, or the threat of losing your license over a traffic violation.

Fulcher attorneys are determined to get you through any matter of family or criminal law. They’ll work with you at night or on the weekend to make sure your case sees swift and proper resolution. Take the first step towards resolution today by calling Fulcher Law Firm at (704) 984-6060 or visiting their website.


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"Mr Fulcher is a great attorney I highly recommend him for anything you need!"... more
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"They were very swift and knowledgeable. I had a great experience with them."... more
- Regina Danielle [Facebook, June 9, 2022]