Tree services are useful to homeowners all year long. If you notice a heavy accumulation of ice after a storm, you may be concerned that branches will break under the added weight or compromise the health of your tree. Here’s a helpful guide to what to do when winter weather creates a potentially hazardous condition on your property.  

What to Do When a Tree Is Coated in Ice

1. Evaluate the Problem

Assess the condition of your trees and the quantity of ice. Thin layers aren’t likely to cause damage, so if there’s only a light rime, just keep an eye on the situation to prevent it from worsening. If there’s significant buildup and the arbor has large limbs that are old, dead, or otherwise weakened and prone to damage, you may need to take action to prevent property damage or injury. 

2. Gently Tap Branches

tree serviceIf you notice sagging branches, relieve the burden your tree is bearing by lightly tapping the ice to break it. You can do this by using a broomstick or other implement to safely reach the branches from the ground. Focus on the underside of the branches. This prevents stress from being placed on the limbs, which may contribute to breakage.

3. Contact a Professional Tree Service

If your tree has branches that are out of reach without the aid of a ladder, don’t attempt to remove ice from these upper layers – heights and slippery winter conditions don’t mix. Additionally, if the boughs are near power lines, don’t handle them yourself; instead, call both the power company and your local tree service. If the ice is too thick to remove on your own, a tree service has the special equipment necessary to address the problem. 


This winter, BlueGrass Tree Service is here to help homeowners in Florence, KY, deal with the unpredictable elements. They’re dedicated to performing quality work, whether you need stump removal or cleanup after a bad storm. They’re able to service both residential and commercial properties and can even perform lot clearing in anticipation of new construction. If you’re concerned about the impact of ice on your trees, call (859) 746-0708 today to schedule a consultation. You can also learn more about the full range of tree services by visiting the website.