A tree needs proper drainage for many reasons — in particular, to ensure it gets the necessary nutrients and oxygen, to maintain strength and stability, and to avoid overwatering and drowning. To keep your trees healthy, check that they have sufficient drainage and consult a tree service for assistance in implementing any drainage corrections. Below are a few suggestions to help encourage good drainage.

3 Steps to Good Drainage for Trees

1. Dig a Gravel Drain

A gravel drain is a shallow channel lined with gravel. It reroutes water away from the tree, so it needs to be dug on a slope that leads down to a lower area of ground. This promotes healthier runoff and eliminates standing water around the tree. A tree service can take care of the digging and installation processes.

2. Counteract Soil Compaction

tree-servicesTrees often suffer from drainage problems because the soil around them is too compact. This is especially common around newly constructed homes, where the ground has been repeatedly tamped down by workers and heavy machinery. To counteract soil compaction, incorporate a few inches of compost or peat moss into the top of the soil surrounding the tree. These kinds of organic materials produce bigger soil spores that encourage better drainage and improve moisture preservation.

3.  Install a French Drain

A French drain is a rock-lined trench holding a pipe which carries groundwater away from the tree. It’s a more sophisticated version of a gravel drain. The drain should slope away from the tree. A good rule of thumb is to install a slope of three inches for every 25 linear feet. Enlist the help of a tree service to design and install your French drain to ensure it’s both functional and attractive.



An experienced tree service will help you determine the cause of your drainage issues and devise an appropriate treatment plan. Based in Florence, KY, Bluegrass Tree Service serves property owners throughout the Northern Kentucky, Union, Florence, Edgewood, and Greater Cincinnati areas. Call (859) 746-0708 to request an estimate for your drainage project or visit them online to learn more about their services.