To keep your trees and shrubs healthy and attractive, have professional tree services trim them in a timely manner. Unfortunately, property owners forgo this task in cold, winter months because they’re unaware of the benefits of tree maintenance in chilly temperatures. However, winter is actually an optimal time to trim the foliage on your property—here’s why.

Why You Should Schedule Winter Tree Trimming

1. Easier Evaluation

With the leaves gone with the fall, it's easier to see if your perennials are still in top condition. Your tree services provider can quickly determine which branches are dead. At the same time, they can get rid of limbs that pose a hazard to passersby.

2. Tree Dormancy

tree servicesTrees enter their dormancy stage in winter, and they resume their growth in spring. The dormancy phase allows plants to conserve their energy, as they rely on the sugars and carbohydrates they produced during autumn.

Trimming your fruit trees' branches during winter helps increase their production for the next season. By spring, your trees should start bearing luscious fruits.

3. Disease Management

Freezing temperatures either kill or delay the growth of bacteria, fungi, parasites, and insects. Asking tree services to remove infected limbs in winter can help halt the spread of diseases such as oak wilt and fire blight that have been damaging perennials in your property. Come spring, you should have healthier trees in your yard and won’t have to worry about diseases spreading from one branch to the next.


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