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About Payne Law Office

'Complete Access to Your Personal Attorney'

Divorce is never easy, especially when considering its implications from a legal standpoint. Payne Law Office is a family law office based in Lincoln, NE. Comprised of a group of experienced and resourceful family law attorneys and headed by Stephanie Payne, this practice helps Lincoln residents traverse the tricky family court proceedings with quality representation.

Though Payne Law Office is not exclusively tied to family law, a number of expert child custody lawyers and divorce lawyers are on hand to lend expert legal advice and representation. Each family court lawyer is ready to serve each client with compassion to their particular set of circumstances and to go above and beyond to ensure that the party is fairly represented in the courtroom.

Nebraska Child custody laws are updated or changed every few years. Each family court lawyer associated with the Payne Law Office is compelled to stay up-to-date on the latest state regulations concerning children and divorce. Their legal advice is based on what happens in family law courtrooms today, not solely on law books published years ago.

Payne Law Office attorneys make it a point to be punctual, both to consultations with clients and to formal courtroom hearings. Clients can rest assured that each of Payne's legal representatives will be on-time, professionally outfitted and relentless in their knowledge of the law as it pertains to their case.

To schedule a consultation with a child custody or divorce lawyer, call (402) 477-7246 or visit Payne Law Office online.


(2 reviews)