Given how close they are to the ground, basements are unfortunately at risk of leaks and dampness. One of the best ways to protect them is by creating barriers and insulation to prevent moisture from invading. For more than 40 years, Jaco Waterproofing in Cincinnati and Indianapolis has provided homes and businesses with waterproofing basement services using new drainage systems, sump pumps, and other successful solutions.

Some of the long-term effects of not waterproofing your basement could be costly and unsafe. The foundation repair technicians are here to share just a few of the consequences:

  • Mildew & Mold: The spores are known to incubate and spread in dark and damp spots like basements. Their presence can lead to weak spots in walls and the foundation and can create health hazards for people with allergies.
  • waterproofing basementFoundation Problems: By not waterproofing basements, the property’s foundation becomes vulnerable due to continued leaks. The foundation can then shift and cause cracks in walls and floors and result in expensive repair costs.
  • Inadequate Water Flow: If properly installed channels are not present to allow water to flow away from the property, the result can be ongoing problems with leaks.
  • Humidity Concerns: The humidity in your basement will always be off during seasonal weather. By waterproofing basements, the amount of humidity is controlled so the room doesn’t feel damp during rainy or cold weather.
  • Flood Exposure: Basements that flood frequently are especially susceptible to long-term damage. A reputable waterproofing company can identify the source of the leaks, repair the problem, and eliminate the possibility of ongoing flooding.

Jaco Waterproofing’s team of experienced technicians has the knowledge and specialty equipment to provide expert basement waterproofing services. From installing new interior drainage channels to sump pumps, you’re guaranteed to receive a customized and affordable solution for your home or business. Ask about warranty information on parts and labor as well.

For your convenience, Jaco Waterproofing has two locations. To schedule an on-site consultation and receive a free estimate for services, call Jaco Cincinnati at (513) 738-0084 or Jaco Indianapolis at (317) 721-9379. Visit the website for extensive information on a wide range of solutions to keep your property dry and safe.