An egress window is one large enough for entry and exit. Though a foundation repair professional can install these features anywhere in the home, they are especially valuable in basements. The guide below explains more about them and their advantages.


An egress window must have enough room for a person to enter or exit in case of an emergency. Indiana law requires that any basement with at least one bedroom have one of these windows installed. If there is more than one bedroom on that floor, there must be a means of egress in each. These have to be at least 20 inches wide and 24 inches high. You must be able to open the window from the inside without keys, tools, or special training. Often, foundation repair professionals will also need to create a well outside that allows individuals to ascend to ground level via a set of stairs.



First, egress windows are safety features. They provide an alternative exit in case of fires, natural disasters, basement flooding, or break-ins. 

These windows also let in abundant natural light. A basement is a naturally darker space, and an absence of natural light can make it feel dark, dank, and uncomfortable. Egress windows are big enough for an average-sized human to fit through, so they allow plenty of outside light to brighten the atmosphere.

Egress windows can improve ventilation as well. Fresh airflow in a basement is often challenging to come by, but these additions offer a solution that will prevent musty odors and discourage humidity and mold growth. Since fungus is not only bad to breathe in but can compromise structural elements, preventing it should be a priority for homeowners.


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