Water wells shouldn't produce water with signs of coloration. However, aging materials and exposure to naturally occurring elements could cause your water to develop changes in color. Becoming familiar with the potential causes can help you determine the need for water well services to restore your supply back to safe levels. Here's a closer look to help you judge the quality of your water supply. 

Well Water Colors and What They Mean

Green or Blue

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A green or blue coloring doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with the well itself. Rather, green and blue tints indicate that the copper plumbing is beginning to corrode. Corrosion is a chemical reaction that occurs when there's constant contact with water and oxygen. As the copper's protective film disintegrates, it warps the material, which may deposit blue or green pieces into the water. Blue-green water could also signify algae growth, especially during the warmer months. 

Dark Brown or Black

Water that appears dark brown or black might contain high concentrations of manganese, a naturally occurring element that’s found in the surrounding greenery and soil. Nearby disturbances, such as construction, can knock the sediment loose, allowing it to enter the well system and color your water supply.

Another possibility is mildew growing within the pipes. The lack of sunlight and constant moisture creates an ideal environment for mold growth to thrive. Pieces that break off will enter the flow and cause the water to appear slightly darker than usual.

Red or Yellow

If you notice a red or yellow tinge, it's likely that your pipes are beginning to rust. Steel and iron are especially susceptible to this type of breakdown. After a lengthy exposure to oxygen and moisture, these materials will start to flake and release bits of coloring into the flow. This could also cause the water to develop a slight metallic taste. 


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