It can be worrisome to use your beloved Apple® device and notice it start to become hot. The more you understand this phenomenon, the easier it will be for you to learn how to prevent it. Here’s a guide to what you should know about overheating laptops. 

What Is Overheating?

Overheating is a problem where your computer becomes hot to the degree that it can cause damage to itself. If the Apple device reaches a high enough temperature, it can eventually corrupt the hard drive, causing you to lose data. Before it reaches that point, the excess heat can also cause your device to malfunction by freezing or unexpectedly restarting. 

What Causes It?

apple devicesOne of the main causes of overheating is when the computer’s internal fan becomes clogged with grime; it’s then unable to expel warm air or take in cool air. Another cause is if your battery is several years old and begins to degrade; as it loses lithium, it will generate more heat in the process. One behavior that doesn’t help is when you have an extreme amount of tabs or applications open and running at the same time, forcing your computer to work harder and generate more heat in the process. Positioning one of your Apple devices on a bed or fabric can also block the fan and cause the computer to overheat.

How Can You Prevent It?

As a first precaution, try not to run too many programs at once. If you notice your computer getting warmer or making a louder noise, exit out of anything that’s not essential. Always try to work on a flat surface. Use an air pressurizer to clean out your machine every few months and remove the dust that may be creating a clog. Try to create an open workspace that isn’t too close to any vents or other places that hot air may be blowing. 


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