We repair old, new and all in between.  Even the ones that Apple will not repair.  You do not have to wait for Apple to reopen.  Just bring it in for FREE diagnostics and estimate for your repairs.  Is your Apple MacBook® or iMac® not running?  Has liquid been spilled on it?  Is it not turning on?  Is the screen damaged?  Or has it become a very expensive paper weight?  As an example we are usually 50% less than others and can recover your data for logic board or motherboard repair. If you have questions call us at 610-265-3174 or text 610 659 2876.  

If you need an Apple® device or if your Apple® needs some help, the experts at Experimax King of Prussia in Montgomery County, PA, can help.  We also, buy Apple® devices.  Serving the Greater Philadelphia area; they have an impressive selection of refurbished and certified pre-owned Apple® products in top-notch condition. Call (610) 265-3174 or visit online to learn more about the selection of services and products offered.