Maintaining good health is a lifelong goal that people of all ages strive to achieve. As we grow older, it may become more challenging to take part in regular physical activity, especially for senior citizens with compromised mobility. Fortunately, seated exercise classes provide them with another option that helps increase their daily activity and improve their health. Here are five reasons to add a seated workout regimen to a senior living routine.

5 Benefits of Seated Exercises for Seniors

1. It Enhances Mood

Cincinnati, OH senior livingExercise of any kind signals the body to release endorphins — the “feel good” chemicals responsible for boosting your mood. It may even reduce stress and curb feelings of depression. This is especially important for senior citizens; according to Mental Health America, over two million Americans over the age of 65 suffer from depressive symptoms. Adding physical activity to an elderly care routine can be helpful to their well-being, even with minimal movements conducted in a chair.

2. It Increases Stamina

Chair exercises have the surprising ability to improve stamina, particularly when you do enough to drive up your heart rate. Those cardiovascular benefits help increase endurance, making it easier to perform difficult moves for longer stretches of time. The key is to make seated exercise a regular part of the senior living routine.

3. It Diminishes Pain

Many seniors add chair exercises to their daily routine to ease the aches and pains associated with arthritis. Many of the movements, such as knee lifts and shoulder circles, can diminish the related persistent aches and assorted muscular conditions that cause inflammation in the body. Sitting in a chair also forces the body to improve its posture, which may alleviate back pain.

4. It Improves Flexibility

Over time, we all lose flexibility. Chair exercises provide seniors with an easy way to build their resilience and prevent undue stress on their joints. The simple act of moving regularly is enough to deter a completely sedentary lifestyle. By incorporating a few specific chair exercises into senior living care programs, adults may notice a significant difference in how limber their bodies feel.

5. It Boosts Circulation

Poor circulation can cause myriad symptoms among the elderly, from generalized lethargy to numbness in the hands and feet. These problems can grow worse if left untreated. Chair exercises work the arms and legs in particular, which instantly gets the blood flowing and helps relieve some feelings of discomfort.


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