A custom boathouse is more than just a space to store your watercraft. It can also be an extended entertainment area to host parties with friends and family. Building one that is tailored to your needs can be an excellent way to enhance your property’s appeal.

Below are some of the benefits of building a boathouse:

  • boathouseTailored to Your Preference: To make your property appear more cohesive, your boathouse needs to have design elements that are consistent with your home. It can also be designed to blend with the surrounding terrain so that your boathouse won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

  • Designed Specifically for Your Boat: A custom boathouse can be specially designed to store your boat and protect it from exterior elements. Your chosen builder will make sure that it’s the right size for maximum protection and smooth docking.

  • Convertible for Leisure Activities: A boathouse can be more than a dock; you can build an extension to serve as an additional leisure area. You can also turn it into an outdoor entertainment area where you can wine and dine guests while overlooking the tranquil water.

  • Accessible: If you live with people with mobility issues, you can have your custom dock designed so that it’s accessible to them. Most docks can be safety hazards to kids and seniors because there aren’t enough provisions for safe and easy access. Custom docks can be designed with their safety in mind.

Are you interested in building your own boathouse? Talk to a dock builder from Custom Docks. These artisans have built boathouses for clients in the Talladega, AL, area for over 20 years. Call (256) 268-8309 for inquiries, or check out their website to see some of their custom decks and waterfront docks.