Docks are necessary for storing your boats when not in use and easily accessing water around your property. Installing a boathouse over your dock comes with many benefits, especially if you choose to personalize it to suit your tastes and necessities. The dock building experts at Custom Docks in Talladega, AL, list three reasons to upgrade your dock by adding a boathouse.

Building a boathouse over your dock offers more than protection from the elements. Here are three benefits of having a customized boathouse on your property:

  • Tailor Made: Boathouses protect your boats and other watercrafts when they are not in use. Design yours to fit the specific dimensions you require for each vessel at your dock for maximum security. You can even have your boathouse styled to match your home, tying all the elements of your property together for a better aesthetic.
  • boathousesMore Than Boats: While protecting your boat is important, boathouses can also add an extra entertainment space for you and guests. Docks transform into a lounge area by the water that is great for eating, enjoying cocktails, or just relaxing in the sun. You can add levels with extra seating on decks above the dock. Some boathouses contain rooms inside that can be used as storage, living quarters, or an office.
  • Safe Access: Boathouses and docks that are customized to your needs can also provide easy access for everyone that a regular dock cannot. Accommodate everyone in your family with features such as wheelchair accessibility ramps or stairways with railings for children. Add gates, locks, and other safety features to keep your dock secure.

As a leading dock builder for more than 20 years, Custom Docks can design the perfect boathouse for your property. Their professional craftsmen have the skill and expertise to create docks, decks, boathouses, and other structures made from the best materials available. Their resulting designs are both appealing and durable, and their customer service is always available even after installation has occurred. Call (256) 268-8309 for more on their offerings or visit their website to view their gallery.