When you think of a wine cellar, you most likely think of a traditional cellar: a cool, enclosed space where your wine collection stays safely out of sight. However, an increasingly popular trend in home building and remodeling is the addition of a glass-enclosed wine cellar. Here are some of the top benefits of using glass to completely surround your home's wine storage area.

Why You Should Consider a Glass Wine Room 

1. Safely Display Your Collection 

If you're a serious wine collector, you may enjoy showing your collection to guests. However, a traditional cellar may not be as appealing for visitors. Luckily, a glass-enclosed storage area creates a space to display your collection for others to see, and its climate control properties ensure that the wine is correctly stored. Your remodeling contractor can even design a space that makes a statement with different types of shelving and lighting for an attractive display while protecting your wine in the right temperature and humidity conditions.

2. Maximize Space 


If your home doesn't have the space for a traditional wine cellar, installing glass in an existing space is an alternative to remodeling. Glass enclosures for wine storage can be added to a single wall, an unused corner, or even a repurposed closet. Not to mention, if you have a small space, glass helps maintain an open feeling, while adding walls and doors can make spaces feel smaller. 

3. Create a Decorative Focal Point

A traditional wine cellar doesn't typically stand out as one of the main features of the home. However, adding a glass wine tower or glass-fronted wine wall to your home can create a unique focal point, turning your wine collection into beautiful decor. By working with a glass contractor to select the perfect framing, you can match the style of the surrounding frame to create any type of look, from industrial and modern to rustic, any of which can serve as a focal point of the room.


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