If you’re a new homeowner, a great set of tools should be at the top of your list of things to buy. Don’t worry — you don’t need to buy an entire hardware store. Instead, a few basics will cover the bases and make it easy to take care of common repairs around your home. Look for solid, name brand equipment that is built to last. That way, you’ll always be prepared to take care of your home.

Here’s a quick rundown of the essential tools from the hardware store that belong in your kit:

  1. hardware-storePower Drill: A drill makes it easy to hang curtain rods and pictures, build furniture, and complete any DIY projects around the home. A corded drill will never lose its charge, but a cordless drill is a better choice and more versatile. Consider picking up an extra battery in case your drill battery dies in the middle of a task.
  2. Hammer: An essential item in your toolkit, a 16-ounce hammer provides enough heft to secure most nails. The claw end will make it easy to pull out nails and rip walls.
  3. Screwdriver: Instead of picking up a range of screwdrivers, choose one that has a range of heads so you can switch between a Phillips-head and flat-head bit as needed.
  4. Level: Don’t become the house with the crooked picture frames. Use a level to make sure anything you hang is straight.
  5. Tape Measure: You don’t need anything fancy here — a basic 25-foot tape measure will help you accomplish most jobs.
  6. Pliers: The most common pliers are channel-lock, vise-grips, lineman’s, and needle-nose. This tool can grab onto small pieces, twist wires, and even cut some materials.
  7. Crescent Wrench: Pick up an adjustable wrench to handle most tasks around the house. Specifically, 6-inch and 14-inch sizes should cover your needs.


Whether you need a reliable set of power tools or equipment repair, the team at Beisswenger’s Hardware & Power Equipment is here to help. Located in New Brighton, MN, this hometown hardware spot is family-owned and -operated. Give them a call today at (651) 633-1271 or learn about their services online.