A room-by-room painting project is a big job that requires patience, a creative eye, and the right tools and equipment. To get it done correctly, you may need expert guidance from experienced professionals. To that end, Beisswenger's Hardware & Power Equipment, the premier garden center and hardware store in New Brighton, MN, walks you through some of the steps of this type of job. They help you select a paint type and color for each room and discuss the basic tools you'll need to complete the project efficiently.

What Is the Right Paint for Each Room?

hardware storeFor kitchens and bathrooms, the best paint choices are whites, yellows, some pastels, and other light-reflecting colors. They brighten the room and make it easier to spot areas that need cleaning. Eggshell and satin finishes offer a bit of gloss and make the bath and kitchen seem large and airy.

Darker paint, such as reds and burgundies, work well in a living room or den. They make the room feel cozy. However, if you prefer a more open feel, you can leave one or two walls a lighter color. Flat finish is ideal for a living room; it reflects less light and makes relaxing and watching TV more convenient.

Bedroom paint colors should reflect the personality of the occupant. For instance, consider bright reds, yellows, or pinks for your exuberant youngster and cool blues for a serious teen. Alternatively, let the occupant choose a favorite color.

What Equipment Will You Need?

Have several sizes of brushes on hand, including 3-inch wide brushes and smaller ones for details and trim. To save time, invest in a roller handle, roller tray, and numerous disposable rollers, which you can find easily at a local hardware store. An extension rod makes it easy to reach high spots, and a ladder is essential for painting trim and areas around the ceiling. Get some masking tape and a paint pouring spout to minimize spills. Speaking of spills, use a drop cloth to protect your carpeting and furniture. To prep the wall, you'll need a clean sponge to wipe it down and hole filler to patch any nail holes. Most importantly, you'll need high-quality paint and primer.

Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. To pick up supplies for your interior painting project, stop by Beisswenger's Hardware & Power Equipment, a respected hardware store and garden center in New Brighton, MN. They carry all the paint and tools you need and even offer equipment rental to limit your financial outlay on ladders and power tools. Visit their website to view directions and hours of operation, or call (651) 633-1271 to speak to a helpful salesperson.