A lawn mower is among the most valuable and useful tools for any homeowner, allowing them to maintain curb appeal. However, as complex machines, they can develop problems during their eight- to 10-year life span. The following guide looks at common issues you may encounter and when to take your mower in for equipment repair

What Could Be Wrong With Your Mower?

1. Stuck Pull String

When starting your mower, you must depress the lever on the handle completely. This disengages the flywheel brake. Without this, the pull string won’t have its full range of movement, and you might not be able to get it to turn on.

The pull string may also have issues if the blades are improperly set or there is a clog made of grass clippings. Move it to a paved surface, and clear away any excess debris or clippings from the underside, taking care to protect your hands. 

equipment repair

2. Failure to Start

If your mower's pull string is fine, but it still doesn't start, check the fuel tank to see if the gas supply is low. If problems persist, have a look at the air filter. This component can quickly accumulate dust and dirt, and if it’s too dirty, air may not be reaching the engine, preventing it from starting. Clean and replace the filter to resolve the issue. 

Otherwise, the problem may be the spark plug. This component aids the combustion process that powers the mower. Take your machine in for equipment repairs. There, a technician can inspect the spark plug and clean it or replace it as needed.  

3. Smoke

While you should never ignore smoke emitting from your lawn mower, it’s often less dangerous than it looks. Usually, smoke is produced when the oil chamber overfills or when oil leaks into the exhaust muffler, burning off as the engine heats. 

If this happens, turn off the mower and allow it to cool before checking the oil chamber for issues. The problem shouldn’t persist afterward. However, if you notice light-colored smoke and your mower has difficulty staying on, consult with an equipment repair specialist to determine the nature of the problem.


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