Whether you’re considering taking up a new hobby as an adult or your child is trying to decide what instrument to play in school, the violin (or viola, cello, bass) is an excellent option. This instrument is versatile and a pivotal part of most muscial arrangements. If you’re on the fence about learning to play the violin, here are a few benefits to consider. 

3 Reasons You Should Play Violin 

1. Improved Mental Function

violinResearch indicates that playing a musical instrument, such as the violin, improves memory and attention skills. In children, it can enhance brain development. It may also help individuals cope with psychological disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Playing an instrument can improve sensory development, reading comprehension, language processing, and other neurological functions as well.

2. Emotional Outlet

Artistic expression, such as playing music, can be an excellent emotional outlet. It can relieve stress and provide relaxation. With regular practice, players feel a sense of pride as they learn, reach milestones, and perform for and with others.

3. Improved Dexterity

Playing the violin will help you improve dexterity. Players must use the left and right hand for different tasks in coordination. As the left hand reaches specific notes on the strings while simultaneously shifting positions and using vibrato, the right hand must apply the appropriate pressure, placement, and speed of the bow.


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