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Poor or nonexistent credit can prevent a family from becoming homeowners, even if the family has had their hearts set on a home for years. Now, for residents of Georgia and Texas, SWE Homes makes this dream a reality more than ever before. Specializing in offering homes for sale with owner financing, this realty and financing company improves the quality of life for scores of families. If you're on the lookout for land or commercial real estate for sale or lease, you've come to the right place. 

SWE Homes can work with you even if you have no credit or poor credit. Additionally, SWE Homes requires no closing costs* to secure a mortgage. Whether searching for a home to lease or to buy, Texas and Georgia residents can become pre-approved and relocate within weeks, minus the usual home ownership hassle and overhead costs.

Through SWE Homes, commercial real estate for sale is also available with an owner financing option. Brand new businesses can spread their wings without encountering financial obstacles that are often impossible to overcome. Again, no credit is needed to obtain a property mortgage through SWE Homes, not even in terms of commercial real estate.

With SWE Home's layaway program, buyers will find it easy to put a down payment on the home of their dreams by allowing them to secure the property with a only portion of the payment due. This way homeowners-to-be will have more time to attain the remainder of the payment.

Whatever the case is, SWE Homes is helping hard-working families achieve their goal. To start looking for a home, call (713) 413-1000 or visit SWE Homes online. 

Georgia properties are financed differently from those in Texas.



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