Spring marks the start of warmer weather and road-trip season. You need to stay on top of vehicle maintenance to ensure your car is in great shape for upcoming adventures and day-to-day driving. The following guide discusses helpful auto repair and care tips for springtime.

A Guide to Spring Auto Maintenance Tips

1. Change Oil & Filters

Spring is an ideal time to change your car's oil and filter, especially if you anticipate extra driving during the warm weather. Check the oil level by turning off the vehicle and pulling the dipstick out of the engine. Wipe excess oil off the end, reinsert the rod, and remove it to see how much oil remains in the reservoir. Schedule an oil change if the liquid sits below the minimum hash mark. Request a filter replacement at the appointment if needed. 

2. Look at Fluid Levels 

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Your car relies on multiple types of fluids to run smoothly. Low liquid levels can negatively affect vehicle performance and cause damage. Check the transmission, power steering, brake, windshield washer, and coolant fluids. Have an auto repair shop refill or replace them as needed. Some systems, such as the transmission and brakes, should be flushed occasionally to rid the car of old and contaminated products.

3. Check the Battery

Prolonged exposure to the cold can affect a car battery's performance. As temperatures warm up, check the unit for corrosion and ensure the connections are strong. Consider replacing the battery if it's not holding its charge well or if it's more than five years old. An auto repair shop can test the device to tell you how well it's functioning.

4. Inspect Belts & Hoses 

Cold weather can harden rubber, leaving a car's belts and hoses in poor condition. Look carefully for hard or soft spots, cracks, tears, or breakages on these rubber pieces. If you spot damage, an auto repair shop can determine the best course of action for replacing the vulnerable components.


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